Peanut Butter

Call us purists.  Or even call us crazy.  The peanut butter used in all of our products is made of 100% peanuts.  Nothing else.  No extra sweeteners, preservatives, or anything unnatural.  We’ve packed our peanut butter with so much pea-nuttyness that we have trouble getting the lid on the jar!  For your pup, this means that he’s getting a great source of all-natural protein, a must for every dog’s diet.

But that’s not near the end of it.  Peanut butter is also a great source of vitamin E – which is beneficial to preventing diseases.  And if that wasn’t enough for you, your dog will be jumping heads over tails for this:  Peanut butter is a super source for Biotin (vitamin H), which is said to be helpful for thin, splitting nails and good for the coat.  So, if your pooch’s pelt is lacking in luster, the naturally occurring oils found in peanut butter will have him looking like a million barks.