Three Dog Bakery Story

Three dogs.  Two guys.  And one big “paw”sion for canines were the simple ingredients that led Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff to open the first Three Dog Bakery in 1989.

Dan and Mark could never understand why all the commercially available dog treats contained so many additives and ingredients – most of which you couldn’t even pronounce.  So they set out to change the world as dogs know it.

Their mission was simple:
To fresh-bake the world’s best dog biscuits and give dog lovers everywhere a healthy, all-natural, bone-ified treat to give their favorite four legged friends.

First came discussions with veterinarians.  Then months of experimenting with different recipes.  Finally, it was time to enlist a few official taste-testers.  Fortunately, Mark and Dan’s dogs, Dottie, Gracie and Sarah were quick to volunteer their services.  Soon the neighbors’ dogs caught a whiff of the new creations and before too long, it was obvious Dan, Mark and the girls had a real hit on their, uh..hands.

Over the next few years, bark spread fast as the press caught on from around the country.  Three Dog Bakery was becoming more pup-ular by the minute.  But all this fame and attention didn’t stray Dan and Mark from their original mission.  Twelve years and many new stores later, Three Dog Bakery is still committed to baking the absolute best dog treats (and now food) on the planet.  And will continue to do so as long as dog lovers like you keep giving them your bark of approval.

Three Dog Bakery was actually named for our hungry founding sisters – Sarah, Gracie, and Dottie.  Their photos and caricatures decorate the bakeries and appear on our packaging.  Here are the heartwarming stories of the dogs that inspired the treats that are known the world rover:

Sarah Jean, the Biscuit Queen
Executive V.P. of Leg Sniffing & Tummy Rubs
(February 1, 1987 – December31, 2001)

Sarah Jean, the first of the founding sisters of Three Dog Bakery was a rescued black lab mix.  Sarah was instrumental in our early days of product research and development.  A prodigious and equal opportunity consumer of treats, foods and shoes, Sarah’s involvement with Three Dog Bakery sparked many new product ideas.  With dogged determination, Sarah Jean kept her ears perked and her tail fluffed for all quality control issues and personally tried to sample each batch for consistency. Her hobbies included lounging, sniffing and snacking.

Executive V.P. of Munching & Begging
(November 11, 1989 ­ January 21, 1999)

Gracie, the Extra Lovable, was also the extra-large third founding sister of Three Dog Bakery.  An albino Great Dane, Gracie was born deaf but overcame her disabilities to become one of the most recognized and loved dogs in the country.  Always versatile, Gracie felt equally at home sniffing out treats, furry kitties and warm faces to lick.  She had a commanding screen presence, judging from the volume of fan mail she received as co-star of her own national cooking show (with sisters, Sarah and Dottie).  Gracie, drool and all, was loved like crazy and is sorely missed each and every day.  She sleeps now with the angels, nudging us daily towards the higher path.

Dottie (aka Spots Galore)
Executive V.P. of Napping
(Sept. 1, 1988 ­ June 23, 1999)

Dottie, the much-loved second founding sister of Three Dog Bakery.  Although she had a spotty past, she definitely brought a special brand of enthusiasm and exuberance to our crew.  Dottie’s many, many spots were seen roaming the production lines deep into the night, looking to minimize potential waste from the floor.  Her hard work and appreciation for delicious, fresh-baked treats served as a constant motivator for our entire staff. Dottie’s hobbies included tailwagging, cuddling and, well, sleeping at which she more than excelled.  Now in heaven, her spots shine even brighter for us, lighting our way.

So there you have it.  A brief run-down on Three Dog Bakery.  Now feel free to scamper about the rest of the site, grab a Bassett and do some shopping, or drop us an e-mail or BARK Back.  Thanks for sniffin’ us out.

Until next time,