Dine Out With Your Dog

Join us this summer as our annual Dog’s Night Out events return to dog-friendly outdoor patios. Here is how it works: We cook for the dogs and serve them a 3-course meal timed with your meal. The dogs’ menu varies at each event and is themed to match the type of food served by the restaurant. You order your own food from the restaurant menu as you normally would and pay the restaurant directly. Reservations are required and can be made 3-30 days prior to each event. Just call us at 636-527-3364 to reserve the dog’s spot and we’ll notify the restaurant for you. Payment for the dogs meal is required at the time the reservation is made and is not refundable as proceeds are donated to the Three Dog Foundation for abused and neglected dogs. Limit one dog per person. Dogs should be on a short, non-retractable lead.

Here is the 2014 schedule, all at 6:30 PM:

Monday, May 12th: Cafe Napoli in Town and Country
Monday, June 23rd: Cafe Provencal in Kirkwood
Wednesday, July 23rd: Clancy’s Irish Pub in Ballwin
Monday, August 11th: The Wolf Public House in Ballwin
Monday, September 22nd: Mia Sorella in Ballwin