How to Choose the Best Rawhide for your Dog

Have you heard the buzz that rawhides are not good for your dog.  Well…..not all rawhides are bad.  How do you tell the difference?

Rawhides are by-products of the beef and leather industries.  The best rawhides are made from hides iced and sent directly to the rawhide producer and not given the time to decay before being processed.  The longer the delay, the more likelihood the hides were treated with formaldehyde and other chemicals to keep them from rotting.


Compressed rawhides are made from small pieces of hide bound together by “glue” that will not be listed on the ingredient list as an ingredient list is not required by the FDA on rawhide chews.  The compressed rawhides may break off into little pieces and cause your dog to choke.  Also, the “glue” may be comprised of toxic chemicals you would not want to expose your dog to.  Many of these types of compressed rawhides are colored by an unknown ingredient and made outside of the U.S.


Natural rawhides are manilla in flavor and not bleached white. Flavored rawhides should look and smell like the identified flavor.  Any strong, foul odor may signify bacterial growth.


Size is also important.  Look for rawhides that are appropriate for the size of your dog and are thick enough to allow them to chew longer and not be as able to break off small pieces.  Always supervise your dog with any chew and remove it when it is small enough for the dog to swallow it.