Keep Your Cool!

In this summer heat, it is important to keep your pup cool. How is that possible? While your pup still needs to exercise during the hot summer months, there are options.

Here are some ideas:

1. Take your pup for a walk early the day or late in the evening when the temperatures are at their lowest.

2. Use a swamp cooler (made by canine sportswear company Ruffwear) on your pup when outside. The swamp cooler is a cooling vest soaked in water and then placed on the dog while wet. It will keep your pup cool for hours and can be re-soaked as needed. These are available at Three Dog Bakery.

3. Consider training your pup to walk on a treadmill indoors. This is especially helpful in bad weather and is a great option for those who live in condos or apartments without yards. Sound crazy? Dogs, when trained, love walking on treadmills!

4. Bring lots of water with you when you exercise your pup outdoors. Three Dog Bakery carries several easy to carry water portable water bowls.

5. Reward your pup after exercise with a cool, all-natural gourmet treat like Three Dog Bakery’s Lickety Split, Freezy Pup or Smart Pup smoothie!