FREE Dog & Cat Food: Electronic Tracking of Pet Food Frequent Buyer Programs

Did you know that all the dog and cat foods that we carry come with rewards for loyalty?  Until now, they required you to save receipts, UPCs or cards in order to redeem your free food.  We have recently started a NEW electronic tracking system
that allows you to purchase food and have those purchases tracked electronically instead of manually.  Each purchase will be entered into this system and we will be prompted to give you your free bag when you reach the pet food manufacturer’s redemption level.  If you have receipts, UPCs, or loyalty cards already in process, just bring them with you and we’ll enter those into the system to get you started.  That way, you won’t lose credit for prior purchases.
Besides our new electronic tracking system, you’ll also benefit from our Tummy Rub Loyalty program, which continues to give you a $5 rebate for each $100 you spend at Three Dog Bakery, regardless of what you buy or how frequently you shop.  If you buy food, these rewards add up quickly and you SAVE!  All of our foods are priced at the manufacturer’s minimum advertised price so you know you are always getting the best price when you shop with us.