Pumpkin is Tasty AND Healthy

Each fall, we anxiously await the return of a fall favorite flavor, pumpkin. We know people love pumpkin, but what about dogs? In our experience, dogs love the flavor of pure pumpkin and can benefit from its nutritional makeup as well. While you don’t want your pup to each a carved pumpkin that has been sitting on the front porch collecting bacteria, you DO want you pooch to enjoy the taste of pure pumpkin, an all-natural treat for your pup. 100% pure pumpkin (not the sweetened variety used to make pies), can be mixed with your pup’s food to help in digestion and as a filler for those dogs who need to lose weight.

At Three Dog Bakery, we recognize the benefits of pumpkin as well as its taste appeal to dogs. That’s why use pumpkin as a main ingredient in our fall seasonal treats, including “pup”kin lab loaf, “pup”kin spiced latte treats and pumpkin lickety split. Bring your pup into our all-natural treat-filled bakery to sniff out a new favorite!