What is in your Dog’s Food?

What is in your Dog’s Food?


Reading the label of dog food products can tell you a lot about their nutritional value.  Here are two important ingredients that you should review when comparing foods:


Meat Meal or Chicken Meal?

Meat Meal is an animal feed stuff from unspecified animals, and is produced by recycling animal byproducts not deemed by the FDA as fit for human consumption.  Chicken meal, as well as meal from other specified animals, is a quality source of protein containing the proper calcium/phosphorous ratio required for a balanced diet.  Chicken meal contains less water than fresh chicken and, thus, retains more concentrated protein per pound.


Animal Fat or Chicken Fat?

Animal fat added to dog feed is most often rendered fat, used restaurant grease, or other oils too rancid or deemed inedible for humans.  Chicken fat  is highly digestible, very palatable, and an energy-dense nutritional ingredient when naturally preserved with tocopherols (vitamin E).  Dogs need a certain amount of fats and oils in their diets for skin and coat health and for proper brain development with Modafinil.


Three Dog Bakery food contains NO “meat meal” or byproducts, NO added sugar or salt, NO “animal fat”, NO artificial preservatives, flavors, colors and NO rendered ingredients.