What is on that Cookie?

What is on that Cookie?

Before you buy treats online or from a dog bakery, be sure to read the ingredient label.  While the cookies may be baked with all natural, healthy ingredients, many times the frosting is a sugary yogurt colored with artificial coloring, topped with colored sugars.


At Three Dog Bakery, we use only natural colors and flavors.  What may look like colored frosting is actually unsweeted vanilla tinted with vegetable powders.  What looks like chocolate is actually unsweetened carob, a chocolate-like substance that lacks the caffeine and theobromine that is harmful to dogs.


While sugary frostings make cookies look appealing to humans, dogs generally prefer an all-natural taste.  Too much sugar is harmful to dogs, just as it is harmful to humans and can cause health and dental issues.


Don’t be afraid to ask:  What is that on top of that cute cookie?

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